Thursday, June 29, 2017

Fair hills

This year instead of going to Fair Hills at the end of the summer we went the first week it opened. It was fun to mix it up and worked well because other family was going this weekend and we didn't have daycare anyways. This year was a milestone year for my dad, his 50th year!

First stop, the big pelican.

Lunch with my cousin Dan and his family.

Eloise and Barb, the matriarch of Fair Hills, having a special moment together.

Double twins at the talent show.

Eloise doing the ring toss in the newly-updated lobby.

Nature art again this year, by Harriet

Harriet has been waiting for these pancakes all year.

This was a year where we kind of let Harriet have a bit more independence. She was allowed to go round to different places alone, as long as she let us know where she was going. A few times Eloise tagged along too, but we still have to keep a watching eye due to her crazy antics.

Doing the splits with buddy Katherine.

Since this was Sheilagh's first year, she was nominated to do the horse race, which is an awkward race on these wooden horses. If you go to fast you fall backwards. We all put bets on her, but someone else won, although that person cheated and was pushed along.

Watching the hootnanney with Grandpa.

Two Harriets. Little Harriet, as we called her, was a family friend's daughter. They had met our Harriet about 5 years ago and loved the name so when they had a daughter years later, they also named her that. Ironically, her mom's name is also Christina. Next year if we are all up there together we will get a double Christina/Harriet photo.

This was the first year that both girls were able to do the kids activities and we were able to get some free time away in the morning and the afternoon. The kids did a skit at the talent show. Harriet also did her own performance at the talent show of a few gymnastics/yoga moves.

We had a great time up there as usual this year! Every year seems to get better as the girls get old and are able to participate in more activities.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

First/last day of 1st grade

 First day of school Harriet was just a nervous wreck.

Last day of school everyone is all smiles and excited for summer!

Harriet had a great year. She worked extremely hard on reading and loved her teacher, Mrs. Larson pictured here with her favorite specialist Mr. Thompson. He would come to their class to teach about geography and science and she listened to every word. She made some new friends this year including Clara above. She left 1st grade more confident in herself which is so great to see.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Other things we did in spring

Hard to keep up documenting everything we are doing so here is some stuff we did in the spring in no particular order. Above, canoeing with Uncle Adam.

Harriet and buddy Clara made an outdoor decoration for the Arts Extravaganza. They had a display and took classes about how they made it.

Typical day of Eloise, 20 barrettes in her hair while wearing a ballerina outfit outside watering plants. 

Many dance shows.

 Celebrated Grandma's birthday.

 May Day parade.

I got together with my Scotland friends in La Crosse for a weekend. Two of whom I hadn't seen in over 8 years.

 Steve and Eloise marched for the environment around Earth Day.

 Prince dance party for kids at 1st Ave.

 Twins game with friends.
 Matzo making with friends at the JCC.

Can Can wonderland mini golf for these two.

 Reunited daycare buddies while Achille was in Minneapolis from France.

Touched baby bunnies probably totally ensured that their mom would never return.

Open streets Lyndale was just too much.

Playing around at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, which is awesome by the way.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Oliver Kelley Farm

Now that we have an Historical Society member we figured why not use it again! We made the trek to the Oliver Kelley Farm in Elk River. We broke up the almost hour trip there by picking up Harriet's best bud Lauren about 20 mins in. The farm has a new visitor center that was just built in the past few years. We ate some food that a chef had prepared from greens from the garden.

The girls helped plant seeds in this veggie garden.

The farm has been here since the 1860s and we got to go into the old family house where people were making food as they would around that time. The land is still plowed and worked the way it would have been back then. We learned about how they made (and still make) sucrose.

They have a lot of animals on the farm and they had some new little piglets that were super cute.

The cattle are ready to work.

Lauren pumping some water.

Sheep just roamed around.

This fabric was on the cushion in the visitor center. I totally loved it. 

We weren't able to go on a house-drawn tour of the property or go on any of the longer trails because Eloise came down with a fever, but maybe next time we can explore more.

Fort Snelling visit

We went to Fort Snelling with friends over Memorial day weekend. I hadn't been there since I was really little and Steve had never been. We got a membership to the Minnesota Historical Society so now we can go whenever we want. Its not very far away.

A Fort employee with Sula, Harriet, Ruby and Eloise.

Up at the top looking over everything.

The girls seemed to love the school house the most. Family members of the soliders at the fort all went to this one room schoolhouse.

Carrying water to wash clothes.

Workin' it. Eloise was entertained for a very long time doing this washing the old fashioned way. We learned the the employees of the fort are not longer in character, they are just here to answer questions and show us the old ways of doing things.

What kids did for fun back then.

We were there for a cannon being shot off and also some soldiers in formation and then shooting off their weapons. The girls did not like the loud sounds.