Saturday, February 25, 2017

Art shanties

This winter we headed out to the Art Shanties on White Bear Lake. It has been many years since we have visited and we are excited that it was just announced that the art shanties will be at Lake Harriet for the next couple years. An easy commute next year!
It was very slushy out there, but the day we went it was nice that it wasn't cold and windy. Some of these "shanties" were more sculpture than shanty.

Video surveillance shanty

Taking a ride in a seal! 

 I liked the Arterium shanty the best.

The ceiling inside. I bet it was even better on a sunny day.

This was one was a lot of fun. When you went inside the "river" was moving (see the woman on the right cranking to make the paper in the river move).

Tropical paradise.

Draw on the walls shanty. 

Birdhouse shanty. A bit hard to get in and out of.

In this van-turned-shanty-turned-theater they had hourly plays.

Fun for puzzlers.

Not quite sure what the point of this one was, but it was eye catching.

There were giant puddles of water everywhere and of course Eloise fell in one, luckily it was at the very end. We had to improvise to keep her feet warm.

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