Friday, February 03, 2017

Handmade lip balm and whipped shea butter

For Christmas this year, Harriet and I made lavender-scented whipped shea butter lotion and peppermint lip balm. It was a fun project to do today and not too hard. We had another recipe to use bee's wax, but opted for one that didn't, but you can see the bag of it at the bottom here.

For the lip balm, we heated everything up on the stove in a double burner, took it off, added honey and then gently poured it into these containers we got at the co-op. We let it cool and that was it!

 Here is the recipe we used. Pretty easy.

Harriet did package design.

Next we made Whipped Shea Butter. It was even easier since it doesn't involved the stove and you just use a mixer.

Mix it up for a while and then scoop it into the containers!

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