Wednesday, December 14, 2016

November recap

November brought us lovely wamer-than-usual weather and we enjoyed it. November was basically a month of total depression due to the outcome of the election, but we did manage to carry on with life as best we could.

Eloise is no longer in her crib. We painted her room pink, at her request, and while we did that late at night, she slept in Harriet's room. They loved it.

Roasting marshmallows in the backyard without jackets on.
Harriet and I did a yarn bomb at the end of our block.

I went to a retreat up in at the Long Lake Conservation Center again, I had gone 4 years ago with the same group. I got a lot accomplished, including these fox pillows.

I was able to fully complete two of them.

I went on a few nature hikes.

While we were up there it was a super moon so I waited by the lake for it to come out. Love the reflection on the calm water.

While I was away, Steve and the girls ate out at Our Kitchen.

Eloise in her new bed, with a quilt I made her at my retreat. I finally got around to making her a baby quilt and it fits her small bed nicely. She loves it.

We went to a cool event one night with Harriet's friend's family at the Midtown Global Market. It was sponsored by a nonprofit called Doing Good Together. We decorated scarves for homeless people and put them in a care package with necessities, made cat toys for the Humane Society, made stress-relieving oobleck for the mentally ill, knotted blankets for the sick and a few other things. They did a great job of educating the kids and getting them involved to help others.

We went with my dad to see Rudolph at the Stages Theater.

And probably Harriet's favorite thing from the month, Ari brought over rainbow bagels New York.

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Laeh McHenry said...

thrilled that Eloise loves the bed!