Sunday, November 27, 2016

October update

October seems like forever ago, but here goes. We went to the arboretum for their fall festival. We first stopped by the Apple House and learned from an employee that we could just go out in the orchards and eat whatever we wanted and it was open to the public, so we did. It was a real treat.

They have these insect sculptures everywhere around in the gardens, loved the scale.

 Steve got a break and went to visit with friends in Milwaukee and then went to a Packer game.

The yarn bus project launched in October. A coworker who does social media made this happen and I helped in a few ways. I got her connected with the Knitting Guild (who did a bunch of machine knitting for the project), knit a flower and leaf, designed a poster that I forgot to take a picture of and also helped sew some items on the bus. The bus will run for 2 months and it has brought a lot of joy to people.

My mom and I went to my cousin Karina's Prince Fashion Show. She didn't win, but it was a nice event and she appreciated our support in attending.

The next day the winners were displayed at the Institute of Art and Harriet and I went for Family day so we checked it out. 

Steve volunteered at Harriet's school carnival and made cotton candy all night. A sticky job!

I took a trip with friends to Zion National Park, more on that in another post. 

Steve and I went to a halloween party as Bob Ross and Blossom (not a group costume). 

Halloween costumes. Harriet wanted to be a rainbow, which I made out of cardboard and then did a sandwich board type thing with it. Eloise wanted to be a pink puppy, which I made with some felt and a hot glue gun to clothes she already had.
We went out with school/neighborhood friends and had a great time. We ran into people we knew along the way and the group kept growing! Lots of fun.

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