Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Field Trip event at Silverwood Park

This year Harriet and I went to an event we had never been to before called Field Trip at Silverwood Park. They had lots of fun activities centered around nature, mostly. Above we looked at flowers through a microscope.

We letterpressed a fall leaf with a poem on it as well as making a caliper that helped illustrate the Golden ratio to kids.

We made a weaving out of things from the forest.

We made a hideout with sticks and bungee cords in the forest.

We went into the lodge and enjoyed a snack while looking at this colorful art installation.

Played with giant homemade "Lincoln Logs" from upcycled deck material.

Watched a family play scramble on this giant board. It doesn't look hard to make, an idea for the future.
It was a beautiful fall day and they had bands playing out on the green.

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