Saturday, October 29, 2016

September update

September seems like forever ago, but here is a recap. Above we went to the State Fair and had a great time and meet up with Adam and Ari.

We celebrated Eloise's 3rd birthday at Lake Harriet with family.

Eloise loving her birthday presents.

We went to the Monarch Festival at Lake Nokomis and Eloise and I got in the Star Tribune (see below).
We went to the 9/11 concert at Lake Harriet.

Family day at the Art Institute. Abstract art day!

Harriet and I collaborated on this artwork. I framed it and hung it up in our house. I love how it turned out.

Steve and I (with the help from our Lyndale parent friends Abby and Aaron) made this replica of Lyndale School for Nicollet Open Streets out of cardboard. It was a big hit.

Prink hair for Eloise at Open Streets.

Party in the Prairie with Harriet's friend Clara and her family. In the background Gaelynn Lea, NPR Tiny Desk winner, performing.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Monarch report

This year was a slow start with the monarchs. Apparently there was an ice storm when they were migrating back from Mexico and about 75% died. By the end of the summer though, it ramped up and we hatched 43 total. A few died after hatching due to misshapen wings, but we'll get to that. 

Can you spot this newly hatched caterpillar?

Harriet loved walking around the house and outside with them on her arms and hands.

A couple escaped and formed their chrysalises in odd places.

Here is an example of one about to hatch and a newly formed on.

Eloise smashed (but didn't destroy) a couple of chrysalises and I wondered what would happen. Mystery solved. A few of them died pretty quickly after hatched because they were unable to fly.

This poor thing wasn't able to properly dry its wings and thus, they didn't enlarge. This one was a goner.

By the end of August we just had tons of chrysalises.

One emerging.

We had the idea to bring them to Harriet's classroom, but the fish aquarium we were keeping everything in was too heavy/bulky to walk over there. So we looked up how to remove them and relocate them. You have to take a pin and detach them from the surface they are stuck on and then tie a knot with dental floss.

Then we hung them in this bee cage and it made it much easier to transport. The kids in her class just loved having them and watching them hatch.

It was a successful year of monarch raising, in my mind. It took up a lot of our time finding eggs and raising them, but the girls really enjoyed it, especially Eloise. Next year we will hope to do more than 43!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Field Trip event at Silverwood Park

This year Harriet and I went to an event we had never been to before called Field Trip at Silverwood Park. They had lots of fun activities centered around nature, mostly. Above we looked at flowers through a microscope.

We letterpressed a fall leaf with a poem on it as well as making a caliper that helped illustrate the Golden ratio to kids.

We made a weaving out of things from the forest.

We made a hideout with sticks and bungee cords in the forest.

We went into the lodge and enjoyed a snack while looking at this colorful art installation.

Played with giant homemade "Lincoln Logs" from upcycled deck material.

Watched a family play scramble on this giant board. It doesn't look hard to make, an idea for the future.
It was a beautiful fall day and they had bands playing out on the green.