Thursday, September 22, 2016

Knit sheep

I forgot to post this from the summertime. I made this little sheep for our niece Sofia's 1st birthday. It is from Susan B. Anderson's Spud and Chloe at the Farm book. I made it from yarn (not the softest wool) I got when we were in Ireland for Dave and Lisa's wedding and thought this was a fun project to use it.

Sunday, September 04, 2016


Eloise is a real spit fire. She is an extrovert with a capital E, walking up to everyone (and anyone) with whom she can engage in conversation. She and Harriet are complete opposites in so many ways, but its so fun to see how much they love being sisters. They now play more and play together, although she is usually just bossed around, but seems to love just to be included.

She loves everything pink and girly (how did this happen?!). She tells us multiple times a day how much she loves us (in her cute, little voice) and the majority of the time is such a sweetheart. As we know with age 3 though, there are also willful times and, believe me, there are plenty of those. 

Height: 3ft 1 in, 55th %, Weight 27.8 lbs, 19th %

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Fair hills

This year it was just us up at Fair Hills due to scheduling. I missed my family who usually comes, but we still had a wonderful time.

A stop in P.R. at the pelican.

Playing in the foamy water.

Face painting during the kids' carnival.

Karaoke (with a dancer) at night the first night. 

Animal-shaped pancakes are always a hit.

Out on the water in the paddle boat.

It was a little chilly on the last day and Harriet and I spent hours all snuggled up in the hammock reading these fairy books that she just loves.

Usually there are family activities every night, but the last night there weren't any due to a wedding reception so instead we entertained ourselves by collecting objects from the ground and each creating our own nature art. This one Harriet and I did together. 

The few days before leaving to go up there I wanted to straggle both girls. Harriet was moody with back-to-school jitters and Eloise was just generally a pain. Going up there they were both in the best moods. No complaining about not being able to watch the ipad or telling us they were bored. They just had a great time doing all the kid activities, having sister time together and enjoying the outdoors. It was refreshing.

Friday, September 02, 2016

Summer recap- August

August seemed to fly by! Above Steve and Harriet planted these sunflowers from seed behind a neighbor's house and we see it everyday when we go outside. Steve even made that little rainbow border. It has been fun watching the flowers grow, but now the squirrels have gotten to them.

Steve and Harriet went for five days to Wisconsin to visit friends. They stopped first at Noah's Ark.

They also went to the WI State Fair (Steve's second year in a row).

Cream puff!

Harriet Park right next to our friend Molly's house near Madison.

While they were gone, Eloise and I went to our neighborhood ice cream social at the park and had this caricature done.

My dad and his brother Dave celebrated their 70th birthday.

Harriet and her buddy Frankie did not one, but two of their own "art fairs" the same weekend as the Uptown and Powderhorn art fairs and also sold lemonade. They had a ton of fun doing it and Frankie's friend joined in too.

Olympics-themed art day at the Art Institute. Even winged ankles!

This year we went to the Square Lake Music and Film Festival. A friend of mine, Paul, does it every year in his parents' backyard. I went the first couple of years when it first started (13 years ago?) and this year seemed like the right year to go back again now that the girls are a bit older. It is very kid friendly and he had food trucks, camping, independent film viewings (during the day in this barn above and outside when it was dark) and about 8 bands who played through the day. It was a bit of a rainy day, but it let up in the afternoon and evening for a fun time.

Dinner at the festival.

After dark they played an animated short with a live score on the big screen (that has yet to be set up in this pic). 

Harriet took three camps at Westwood Hills Nature Center. This is from ther performance from the theater camp.

Celebrating Becky's birthday!

Fair Hills, a post on that later.

We stopped in Pelican Rapids, as we always do, on the way to Fair Hills. I have always loved this townie-looking fire station.

First day of 1st grade. I think it's going to be a great year. 

Its funny, after just culling through all of our pictures from this summer (many activities not even documented here), I will be pretty annoyed if I hear either of them say they had a boring summer! It was jammed packed from the moment Harriet got out of school until right up to the day she went back.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Summer recap- July

July seemed busier than June, if that is possible. Above Steve and Harriet at East Lake Open Streets.

July 4th fireworks watching in the alley with Michael, Dottie, Byrdie and Brennan.

Harriet's 6th birthday with family and her birthday twin (and friend) Harvey.

Friend party. We had a backyard water party. Not all are pictured, but from left, Byrdie, Baby Dot, Eloise, Harriet, Astrid (kind of hidden), Lucia, Sylvie, Lauren and Lucia.

Made this shawl for my mom.

Little drummer at the pops concert at Lake Harriet.

Silliness with friends Lachlan and Mae.
Headlock at the new twig house in town at the Lyndale Rose garden.

Harriet took a lot of different camps this summer, this one was "Let's Pretend" through SW Summer kids with her buddy Lauren. My mom and dad helped with almost all the driving to all these summer camps since the hours weren't very working-parent friendly. Harriet really enjoyed herself and most of them she did with friends.

Somali festival on Lake Street. This one was brutally hot and so we petted some animals, watched some traditional dancing and made our way out of this crowded festival.

We went to a new park to us, Elm Creek in Maple Grove. A hike for city folk, but they have a beautiful new park and a nature center that we didn't even have time to go to. Next time.

Harriet's daycare buddy Achille was back in town from France and so we got together with her other daycare friend Gracie. It was like old times for these two even though he moved away two years ago. His family returns every summer so we hope to keep up this tradition for years to come.

Cyanotypes at the Arts Institute's monthly family day. We had so much fun making these and since the event was lightly attended, we made about 8 of these.  Plus we also made really adorable terrariums with succulents and plastic animals. 

We went to the Como pool with Lucia and Soli, but a terrible storm started rolling in so where did we go? A glass-covered building near by! The Conservatory! Not the brightest. We were all cloistered in a hallway for the majority of the time because of the severe storm, but once it passed we enjoyed our surroundings.
And afterwards, enjoyed a free carousel ride for National Carousel day. Who knew?!
Eloise kept this corn snuggled all the way home from East Lake Open Streets. At one point she fell asleep and still had a tight grip on it.

Pollinator Party! This was the only pic I took. We meet Harriet's buddy Ruby and sister Sula there and had a fun time running around to all the tables and learning about the different pollinator topics.

We checked out the new Commons Park across from the Vikings stadium with buddies Sadie and Harvey.

It has this fun play structure.