Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summer recap- June

We are due for a bit of a summer summary here. I'll try to do a post a night about each month. It's been a busy summer as usual and its been fun since we are able to do more and more now that Eloise is getting older, although – don't get me wrong – she's still a handful.

Summer started with my birthday and a morning donut delivery from two little girls who were eager to partake. 
We went to Minnehaha Falls for dinner at Tin Fish with the Sydeskis.

School ended for Harriet.

Steve and I met friends at Northern Spark. This year it was all about climate change and was all in one spot along the river by the Guthrie.

Steve went to Lake Tahoe with his brothers for his dad and Vicki's wedding. Looked like beautiful scenery. We looked into having the four of us go, but due to logistics and the high-season cost, opted to just have Steve go. 

The site of the wedding ceremony.

While Steve was gone we went with Ari to the Swedish Institute to celebrate midsummar.

Many troubles with the bees in early summer, long story short- one of the queens died, we combined the hives and then the hive was dying. So we bought something call a Nuc, killed the old queen and things have been going great ever seen. No honey though this year.

One weekend day we took a bike ride over to Eloise Bulter wildflower garden and had a picnic lunch there. A fun morning/afternoon.

Pride parade! Rainbows everywhere for Harriet, she was in heaven.

A cool art installation by HOTTEA in Loring Park for Pride.

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