Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend Camping

Over Memorial Day weekend we went to William O'Brien state park with friends (6 families total). It rained most of the day so we showed up after dinner and only camped one night. We got a group campsite, which was great because then we had a lot of space to ourselves.

Steve and Harriet have been to this annual friend camping event before, but it was Eloise's first time camping. Might be her last for a while (or at least a year). She was not a very good listener in the tent and didn't go to bed until 11.

Harriet slept right through everything in the morning, including a very loud bird (turkey perhaps?) squawking at 5:30 am that woke everyone else up.

Eloise refused to go to the bathroom in the outhouses by our campsite so everytime she had to go to the bathroom we had to drive to the regular campsite where they had a regular bathroom.

The next morning we all took a junior naturalist class about insects and the kids all loved it. The kids got a state park patch when they collected at least one spider and 10 different insects.

Harriet getting her bug work checked by the ranger. 

We had a fun time, but really exerted a lot of effort packing, hauling, unpacking, tent pitching (in the mud), repacking and then unloading for about 16 hours of being in the state park. I'm still glad we did it and each year will be easier going forward as the girls (and our friends' kids) get older.

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