Friday, June 24, 2016

Kindergarten is over

Kindergarten seemed to fly by! Harriet had a wonderful year (although, if asked, she would say she didn't like school). Everyday she excitedly told us about the new things that she learned and made at school and Mpls Kids. She generally has a lot of ups and downs emotionally, but there seemed to be more ups than downs this year.

One exciting development was learning to read. It started out rocky and was frustrating (for both of us), but she learned how to read and ended up finishing exceeding grade level expectations. I worked with her night after night for over 6 months so it was very rewarding to get this news.

She made new friends and learned a lot from the diverse group of kids in her class about their respective cultures. We loved all the multicultural events that school put on, our favorite one being International night. We ate foods from all different cultures and boisterously participated in traditional Somali dancing. It was so sweet (and somewhat emotional) to see kids of all races and ethnicities and their parents dancing together and having such a carefree time.

We look forward to what 1st grade has to offer, but in the meantime we will all enjoy summer with a more laid back routine (with more reading, of course). 

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