Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Shepherd's Harvest Festival

Earlier this month we went to the  Shepherd's Harvest Festival, an annual fiber event out at the Washington County fairgrounds. I have wanted to go for close to 5 years, but every year something gets in the way. This year we finally made it! They offer classes, but we just went and did some of the activities. Steve and Eloise saw a sheep herding demo with a dog and Harriet and I saw an indigo dyeing demo.
Eloise loved seeing the llamas and the angora rabbits.

Check out this funny looking llama after it was sheared.

There was tons of raw material to buy in the sheep building. I would rather just buy the final product at this point, but in the future it would be fun to do carding, hand spinning and dyeing.

Another building had different demos and booths. Harriet made this little fiber weaving on a branch. She loved doing it, although you wouldn't know if from the picture below.

In another couple buildings they just had vendors selling yarn and other fiber-related products. I held it down to only buying one skein of rainbow-colored yarn. One guess who convinced me to get that. Ha!

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