Friday, April 22, 2016

Spring break staycation

This year for spring break we decided to both take off Mon-Weds and stay around town and do fun excursions each day. By coincidence, Eloise didn't have daycare those three days and so four of us had a lot of time together. Above we went to visit the rabbit sculpture along Minnehaha creek after Easter brunch at the Uptown diner.
Monday we went to the North Mississippi Regional Park. They have a beautiful nature center and newer playground and a splash pad, which is open during warmer months. I really thought this park was a hidden gem and it is only a short drive. The girls loved running up and down this inclined hallway as well and playing at the playground.

This park has nice paved paths throughout thanks, in part, to this allocation of money. Only downside is that there is some loud highway noise in areas since it butts up against I-94 on one side.

Tuesday we headed to the Colossal Cafe. Our former neighbor Bess used to own it and we have always wanted to go. Problem is that it as tiny so you have to go at an off time in order not to wait. Tiny is understatement. Luckily we got the window ledge since there were only 4 other tables in there. Quite cramped, but good.

Then we attempted to go the play Animal Dance at the Children's Theatre, but it was sold out so, even better, we got a behind-the-scenes tour with our neighbor who works there and Eloise got intimately close with one of the baby goats.
Next up, Macy Spring flower show! Harriet being ever so cooperative.

Wednesday was rainy so we went over the St Paul Conservatory.

Eloise is clearly dressing herself these days.

While Eloise napped and Adam was working at home, Steve, Harriet and I went over to the new Hi-Lo Diner in Longfellow. The 50s diner was hauled over from PA in two pieces and then put back together. We went on opening day at 2:30 and it was packed, a fun experience and awesome for that neighborhood.

We really enjoyed having three days to hang out and do fun activities as a family!

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