Friday, March 18, 2016

Updates from a busy February

February was been a very crazy month and things have continued to be, hence why I am writing about it mid-March. Steve's brother Adam (seen above pulling the girls from daycare) and his wife Ari moved to Minneapolis the first of the month and have been living with us and will continue to stay until they close in their house at the end of April. We are thrilled to have them in Mpls and the girls just can't get enough. It is so great that their new house is 10 mins from ours.

Onto the activities...

 We went to a Chinese New Year celebration at the Midtown Global Market. The drums were a little much for Eloise.

The Walker library has a Valentines party every year. We get to keep some, but also we make them for residents of the local nursing home.

 I skied the Luminary Loppet while the girls, Steve, Ari and Adam just walked around and checked it out.
 Harriet learned to ice skate on her own!

 Bryce and I checked the bees and they were alive.

Steve took Harriet and her friend Byrdie on a fun day, which included a movie and then Minnehaha Falls since they were out of school. They both came down with strep a day later.

 Eloise continues to learn how to do things on her own.

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