Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend away in La Crosse

A couple weekends ago we went to visit our friends in the Smiths in La Crosse. We try to get together with them about twice a year and we have to book it months in advance due to everyone's schedules. This time Kya was taking Farm Camp and so Harriet tagged along. It was more like farm class since it was one day for three hours. The list of activities included all things that I was pretty sure Harriet would hate (horse grooming, hanging out with pigs, hiking in the woods), but I had a hunch that she would just be thrilled to do anything that Kya and that proofed to be the case. Kya is 9 and is very sweet with Harriet and acts like a big sister. So a fun time was had by all and it was nice they could do that while Eloise napped.

 Barn art at farm camp.

 The farm had some really artsy things around and was quite cute. This is their chicken coop.

 Inside was a linoleum cut up as artwork.

 Everyone had fun playing games and doing crafts.

Eloise was really into wearing capes the whole weekend so she either wore this small quilt or the other cape below. Sarah made ice cream for breakfast as a special treat and the kids could hardly wrap their heads around it.

 Eloise the dog lover.
Many new additions around the house and yard. They built an addition to their tree house since we were last there. Even Eloise got up to the top part with Travis's help. As usual we were sad to leave them and had a great time and ate wonderful food.

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