Wednesday, January 06, 2016

December activities

This year December was packed full of events, as usual. Harriet and I went to Julmarknad Swedish Institute. It was a Swedish-type market that they had in tents, but also they had tons of kid activities, crafts and a Tomte hunt that Harriet really enjoyed. We searched all over the mansion for it while looking at the Christmas decorations on each level. When I asked Harriet on New Year's Eve what her favorite event/moment from 2015 was she said going to the this event. (I think she forgot that we went to Hawaii this year-- the highlight of her young life, ha!)

Tomte find.

Dala-house riding.
We went to La Posada again this year, an event put on by our neighborhood association that celebrates Christmas in Mexico, essentially. It has great food and entertainment. This year we won two raffle items -- the girls were thrilled. 

We celebrated the start of Hannukah by hosting a party for our neighbor friends. Classic Harriet in this picture covering her ears for the blessing.
We made donuts for everyone.

We went to the Mia family day as we do almost every month. Harriet and I kind of have a routine of going when Eloise is napping, which happens to be the perfect time to go since a lot of the families have left for nap time too. We always go to all the craft activities and have a great time.

This holiday season was a magical one for Harriet because she really was into Santa. She wrote him this note that I put in the mailbox at our local grocery store and then we just got a letter back the other day from him with two coupons for cookies. She hung on every word of that letter. 

The letter was received! Some headbands and jingle bells. 
Probably the highlight of the month for Eloise was not Christmas, but the weekend we dogsat for our next door neighbors. She basically went insane and that poor, patient dog endured a lot. She is the sweetest dog, even Harriet, who doesn't like dogs, has as soft spot in her heart for this one and was sad to see her leave.

Christmas Eve.

New Years Eve was spent with friends as we usually do. Hopefully the tradition will continue for many years and the group will grow every year.  

2015 has been an insanely busy, but overall, a wonderful year for us. We took three big trips this year, welcomed a niece/cousin, entered into a new routine that goes with having a kindergartner, made new friends and celebrated with family and friends at a number of weddings. We look forward to see what 2016 holds for us and are optimistic that life will be a little less chaotic as the girls continue to get older and are capable of doing more activities. 

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