Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Garden fall wrap up

A little late to be doing this post in December, but here goes...this summer I didn't spend as much time in the garden as you usually do because we were just crazy busy, but despite falling down on the job, the garden seemed to do ok. I learned a few lessons like put in one kale instead of two, more green beans, no climbing asian spinach. Steve did peppers has he always does and they turned out great. Tomatoes this year were just ok and I think we need to change the location for a year and amend the soil more.

I put Harriet to work getting the soil off the beets.

Every year I forget to cut the top off the brussel sprouts stalk so that the energy can be spend making the brussel sprouts bigger. Next year I will nail it. 

A pic from the end of October of the ghost Steve and Harriet made as a Halloween decoration. She was quite proud of it.

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