Monday, November 09, 2015

The rest of the trip

The last part of our time in Hawaii were a bit less fast paced, but we still did a few things of note. My mom took Harriet to the Honolulu Zoo so that Steve, our friend Zac and I could go hike up Diamond Head. The day was a really hot and humid, but we toughed it out and enjoyed the beautiful views from the top. Since it is the very beginning of the tourist season it wasn't very packed on the trails, which was great.  It took about 45 mins to get up. It was very amusing to see some of the attire "hikers" wore on the trail. One Asian tourist was wearing high heels. Parts of the trails had very uneven rocks under foot, she was clearly not prepared.

A view of Waikiki.

A partial view of the crater at the top.

This picture cracks me up. It looks like Steve and I are traveling with our shirtless Australian cabin boy or something.

Later we spent some more time at the beach and we even got a rainbow sighting.

One night, my mom stayed back with Harriet and we met at large group of people from the wedding at the Elk's lounge because someone in the group was a member. Probably the more picturesque elk's lounge in the country! No windows and right on the water.

One day Steve and I went to Rainbow Drive In for lunch on the recommendation of our Hawaiian-native neighbor Esara who said this is where all the locals eat. Grease-a-ific, but there were a ton of locals there.

We saw some street art on our way over and back.
We came upon this vintage Hawaiian shirt store. They had shirts for as much as $60,000.

Phone booths seemed to be everywhere.

On our last day there I decided to take surfing lessons. I have always wanted to do it and this seemed like the perfect place. First you practice your form on the beach and then you had out in the ocean and the instructors yell at you (nicely) and tell you to paddle and then when to get up on the board at the perfect time to catch the wave. I really enjoyed it even though it was truly exhausting and my body hurt for an entire week afterwards. I, shockingly, had pretty good luck getting up and staying up on the board.

Harriet wrote this note the last night we were there (with some help on spelling). "Harriet Hawaii. We had the best time." That pretty much sums up the trip. 

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DMcH said...

That wasn't your cabin boy... that was Claude the Scuba instructor!