Sunday, November 08, 2015

Matt and Amber's wedding

Wedding time! There were 50 of us who all came for the wedding from all over. The night before everyone gathered for the welcome dinner at the Shorebird and it was fun to see a lot of people for the first time in Hawaii. It was a fun place and a bit different because you order and then they bring out raw meat and you have to go cook it yourself on these huge grills. So I guess if the meat isn't cooked right, it's your own fault!
On to the wedding... Amber and Matt hired a coach bus to take all of us to the other side of the island to Kualoa Ranch where there is this private "island" for the wedding ceremonies. Island is in quotes because it is actually a peninsula when you look at a map, but you take a boat (below) over there. Pretty fun. As it happened, it was pouring rain leading up to the wedding and things weren't looking good. There really wasn't anywhere else to have the wedding so, as luck would have it, the rain stopped about 20 mins before the ceremony. Perfect timing.
We entered the island and walked through this beautiful forest of strangely-shaped trees that canopied the winding path and then come out at the beach.

Our friends Deb and her son Zac came from Australia for the wedding we had a great time hanging out with them during the week.
Flower girl inspecting her bouquet before the ceremony. Harriet walked down the aisle muttering to herself about how she was not sure what she should be doing or where she should be sitting. It was pretty funny.
Jonny, Becky, Matt, Amber and Raymond after the wedding.

Professional pic at the reception.

Every Friday night there are fireworks (not actually pictured here) after the sunset at Waikiki and so we were able to watch them while we were having dinner since we all sat out on a balcony with this view. Harriet had never seen big fireworks before so it was a big thrill for her. The reception was a lot of fun and enjoyed the cool breeze high up on the balcony. We loved being a part of this wedding and we are so happy for Matt and Amber.

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