Friday, October 02, 2015

Washburn games

Last weekend Harriet, along with some friends, did the Washburn games which was held at Bryn Mawr Meadows. It was a really well-run event with lots of volunteers and a good turn out. All around the park, kids could participate at different sports stations (about 10+ total). There were many local sponsors and the majority of participants paid a small admission fee and all the money went to the Washburn Center for Children. The center helps kids who have emotional, social or behavioral problems.
Recently, Harriet has been telling us that she really wants to do karate because a friend at daycare does it. This was a commitment-free way for her to realize that she actually hates the sport. Perfect.

She disliked virtually all the sports except soccer and complained endlessly about the walk from one sport to the next.


So in conclusion, her favorite activity at this sports event was actually the expansive craft table (which we visited twice and she also seems thrilled with the grab bag and hardcover books we got at the end). This is a cool event though for kids who like sports and I would highly recommend it. Even though Harriet generally doesn't like sports, other than swimming, I felt like I wanted to push her a little to expand her horizons and maybe find something else that she likes, so, uh, mixed success on that. We will keep trying....

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