Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hawaii Day 2- Pearl Harbor and Foster Botanical Garden

Harriet and Steve got up early and headed to Waikiki Beach for some ocean time. Then my mom, Becky and Raymond took Harriet for the afternoon so that Steve and I could go to Pearl Harbor. It was nice that we could go without her because she would not have liked it. She spent the day hanging out, sightseeing around Waikiki and swimming in Becky and Raymond's hotel pool.

We took an uber over to Pearl Harbor not quite sure what to expect. Looking online you would think you have to go on a 4-hour tour for $100 each (which is an option if you want that level of info about the sight). So we get there and turns out it is actually free and you get to watch a 20 min. movie and then take a boat captained by the Navy over to the memorial. While you wait for your time slot to come up for these activities, they have two nice museums to wander through. The movie prior to the boat trip was very powerful and informative.

 This memorial was finished in 1962 (21 years after the attack) and it definitely feels retro, but in a cool way. It is a building over the USS Arizona, which is still underwater.

 Inside there is a room with all the names of those who were killed on the attack on Pearl Harbor.

You can still see oil all around on the surface and part of the ship above the water. Apparently it is too risky to remove the enormous amount of oil still in the vessel.

This was back on land. It was pouring most of the time we were there so very little time for pictures. Except for the palm tree bark below.

Since we were kind of unencumbered without Harriet, we stopped at the Foster Botanical Garden on our way back from Pearl Harbor. It wasn't huge, or really tranquil for that matter since it was one busy streets and only about 20 acres, but it was enjoyable. Some of the trees there were just enormous. I am standing next to this one for scale.

Interesting designs in palm tree bark.

When we entered, we were given a little brochure with a map that told us were different species of trees were and then interesting descriptions of the trees. We really loved trying to find all the trees  listed and then learning about them since we had never seen most of them before. Its funny, at this phase of my life with two little kids, I never feel like I can leisurely do anything, but here we took our time and enjoyed it all. I loved this cannon ball tree. It had both beautiful flowers and these crazy cannon balls. 

 A close up.

Also this sausage tree was just bizarre with tons of "sausages" hanging from vines off the limbs. Most of the trees in the garden were not native to Hawaii and this one was brought over from Africa.

I love the brilliant colors of this plant.

We made our way back to Waikiki and met up with everyone for dinner at Dukes while we watched the sunset from the beach patio. It was a lovely end to a fun-filled day.
My mom, Harriet, me and Becky.

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