Friday, October 30, 2015

Day 3- The North Shore

 This day was super packed. We rented a car and did a loop around the North Shore of Oahu, stopping at a number of places we had talked to our next door neighbor about who is from the island.

 First stop was the Dole pineapple plantation. It was touristy, but we still enjoyed it and learned a few things about pineapple while we were there. We took a ride on a train that showed us the fields and gave us the history of pineapple production at the plantation.

Pineapple plants. 

We walked around the gardens, which were interestingly landscaped. 

I took a picture of Steve in front of this same type of tree when we were in Australia. Harriet loved the crazy roots. We learned that the thing below, when dried, is peeled apart and each of those nubs have little brushes on the end. They used by indigenous people as toothbrushes. 

Anyone who asks Harriet what her favorite part of the trip, her answer is this -- finding an enormous snail.

 We also went through world's most enormous hedge maze and found little stations and stamped a card we had.

Next up, the famous north shore shrimp trucks. Very popular and quite good.

 We all ate a LOT of shrimp on this trip.

We had talked to someone who recommended going to Laniakea beach to see turtles. There were a lot people there who also wanted to get a glimpse of the turtles, but there weren't many to see. It was overcast and they didn't feel like sunning themselves. We did see a few out in the water, but no good pics of them.

We kept moving and went to my favorite site of the trip– Waimea Valley and Falls.  It was absolutely beautiful and Steve and I hiked up to the falls, while my mom and Harriet could a little trolley up there.
Along the way there are little gardens to walk through and people who are demonstrating different cultural things. Harriet and I made this lei bracelet at one of them as well as learning about instruments made from nature.

Waimea Falls at the end of the hike. I use the term hike loosely since it was, for the most part, paved.

A few days into being in Hawaii, Harriet asked what all those sticks were that everyone was carrying around. They were everywhere!!

  One of the little extra gardens to explore on your way up (or down, I guess)

We were given a brochure with all the different kinds of birds to look for, but this cool bird wasn't in it.

After that we went to another beach and hung out for a while and made sandcastles.

A fruit stand along the side of the road.

A rainy drive home with beautiful scenery along the way back to Waikiki. We had a fabulous day!

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