Tuesday, October 27, 2015


A couple weeks ago we headed to Oahu for our friends' Matt and Amber's Hawaiian wedding. We went with my mom and Harriet for 8 days. We decided only to take Harriet with us since the plane ride and general travel with Eloise would be too difficult. She stayed home with my cousin Kate and had a great time as you can see below. 

A couple things leading up to the trip were a bit stressful. Three days before the flight our airbnb cancelled on us due to plumbing issues and so we had to scramble and find a new place, which was a little nuts, but we got it sorted out. Then we get to the airport for our early flight (6:45am!) and I realize that my ID is my pants pocket at home. We scramble again and my dad was able to race it to me in time with the help of our neighbor Bryce. I'm surprised I don't have an ulcer after that. 

Then after a long, tiring day of travel, we check in early to our new airbnb and it is only just starting to be cleaned and it smells like rotten garbage/a corpse/cat pee. Highly unpleasant. The people before us had left many garbage bags with rotting food in the hot condo for half the day. It took many days for the smell to dissipate.  After all that though, we had an absolutely fantastic time! Harriet was truly an amazing traveler and had a great attitude the whole time. Each day we ran her ragged and, coupled with the time change, she couldn't even keep her eyes open the moment she hit the pillow. I was initially ambivalent about bringing her, but we knew it meant a lot to Amber and Matt to have at least one of the girls in the wedding so we went for it and I am happy we did. She had a lot of wonderful experiences, as did we.

So day 1 we took it easy, explored the lay of the land and dipped our feet (ahem, Harriet's whole body with clothes on) in the ocean.

We went to the grocery store and loved seeing all the new fruits and foods we don't have at home. This is a dragon fruit.

That night Steve and I went for a walk on the beach and met a few people over at the hotel where everyone was staying for the week (and we would eventually end up).

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