Thursday, September 24, 2015

Party in the prairie

Last weekend we went to Party in the Prairie at the Richardson Nature Center. It was only the second year for the event and the great part about it was that it wasn't insanely packed. It was gorgeous day and Harriet and I got there right at the beginning. We later met up with my friend Elissa and her extended family and then Steve and Eloise came after naptime. We had so much fun at this event.  There was a 1K/3K, crafts, insect collecting, raptor demos (Eloise's favorite), nature hikes, hands-on time with reptiles, invasive species tattoos, virtual scavenger hunts, food trucks and bluegrass bands that played through the night. We did our best to do everything.

 Harriet was the first kid of the day up on the rock climbing structure.

 We checked out Elissa's brand new mural inside the nature center. Very beautifully done.

A bit of a low point on this wonderful day was the 1K/3K race (we wisely opted for the 1K). Initially extremely excited about it, Harriet quickly hated it. She wined and complained virtually every step of that .75 mile "run". I wanted to strangle her.

While she lagged far, far behind me (even though I was only walking) I stopped and took pictures of the beautiful scenery.
Lucia, Grace and Harriet the naturalists. They loved going out into the field, catching insects (some kids got a giant toad) and then bringing them back to the observation tent.

They dumped the contents of the nets out and then put the cool stuff in little jars for everyone to see.

At the end of the night we sat on a blanket, drank the new glarus cherry beer we brought, watched the beautiful sunset while our girls held hands and danced to the music up by the stage. It was one of those moments that for just a little bit, our busy lives slowed down and I just sat back and thought about what a wonderful life we are able to lead.

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