Thursday, September 17, 2015

Monarch Festival

Last weekend, we had a blast at the Monarch Festival at Nokomis. I heard about it from a friend at work and apparently it has been going on for years unbeknownst to me. We saw dozens of people we knew there, which made it even more fun. Harriet was the absolutely perfect age for this, Eloise was a bit young. There was a parade, puppet shows, crafts, demos, monarch tagging and releasing, food and bands throughout the day. We went at the beginning for the kids' butterfly parade. We had kind of thought that Eloise would be in it too so we were going to let her wear the butterfly wings. Harriet needed a costume so I came up with something quick and made her into a caterpillar. Her costume was really a hit! 
It consisted of a yellow half yard of fabric, a old skirt I cut up for the black stretchy fabric, white was ribbons and the head was a Mexican wrestling mask. Perfect!

Eloise didn't cooperate so our buddy Lachlan happily wore the costume. All the kids got a packet of milkweed seeds for participating in the parade.

This tent helped kids make milkweed seed bombs.

Hands-on activities at this tent. Shockingly, Harriet touched that little beast.

Harriet helped pull the ink across her screenprint.

I love this screen print. The festival was promoted for both English and Spanish speakers so this poster is also in both languages. 

Her favorite thing she made is this finger puppet we finished at home. Hours of entertainment. We also finished up a clay caterpillar by baking it home. 

In conclusion, I highly recommend this event to anyone. It was very well organized and it entertained, educated and engaged kids.

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