Wednesday, September 09, 2015


We had a very busy end to the summer. The exclamation point was the wedding of my younger brother Adam and my new sister-in-law Ari. We took Harriet out of her second day of school early so we could get on the road to Milwaukee. We made surprisingly good time driving down and were able to make it to a BBQ Ari's aunt and uncle hosted. It was nice to meet a lot of Ari's extended family. Bonus, we got to meet our new niece Sofia who lives in London.

On Friday we explored downtown Milwaukee a bit and made a visit to the Milwaukee Public Museum with my mother, father and his girlfriend Vicki.

The girls were very excited about the animated movie we watched in the IMAX theater. Harriet seemed especially blown away by the planets and huge screen.

The live butterfly exhibit was great fun as well. The butterflies landed on as we walked through.

It's basically a calmer version of the state fair butterfly house.

We had a ton of fun and Harriet and Christina were already very knowledgeable about the butterfly lifecycle after their recent experience raising monarchs. Even Eloise kept saying "Chrysalis!"

More butterflies (these are from a nearby exhibit). The girls had a chance to walk through the museum and see things I remember seeing when I was a kid.

One highlight was trying to find the rattlesnake button in the Native American exhibit.

Friday night we had a rehearsal/groom's dinner in the Third Ward at a place called Kasana. We dropped the girls back at the condo and Christina's college roommate and friend Meagan babysat for us so we could go back and have a night out with everyone.

Saturday was wedding day and we had varied schedules and places to be up until the mid-afternoon ceremony (I was the best man). I hung out with my brothers, Adam and Dave, Ari's step-brother David and Adam's friend AJ. I ate way too much cheese, shot some atrocious pool, then got dressed.

Meanwhile back at the airbnb we rented, Christina entertained the kids and got them ready for their big day as the flower girls. Because we only had a shower, Eloise got a bath in the kitchen sink. She loved it!

Fast forward a couple hours and we're in the old safe room at the Pritzloff building while my childhood Rabbi, Ron, went through the blessing to wed Ari and Adam. They also signed their wedding katubah.

Then the guests gathered and were seated. The ceremony was done "in the round" kind of like a Shakespeare play or the U2 360 tour.

Everything is a bit of a blur here. Christina and I were working to keep the girls calm and focused. Christina had to be in her seat in front (as she was reading early in the service) and we wanted a target for the girls to walk towards. I walked in with Ari's sister Jesse. And then..

In hindsight we should have had an plan to ensure that if Eloise got tired (or loud) we didn't have to leave with her. That didn't happen so I missed Christina's reading, then she missed most of the remaining ceremony. Ari's father made the huppah out of metal and her step-mom made the covering. It was very impressive, quite an upgrade from the wood umbrella stand version I made for our wedding.

#‎mcedelmanwedding‬ was the official hash tag for guests to use for all things related to Adam and Ari's wedding. 
Here is the happy couple with Harriet and Eloise. We took family pictures just after the ceremony was complete. The girls were so cute! Beyond my own wedding I don't recall being so excited to see the professional wedding photos. The day was foggy, drizzly and party cloudy making for beautiful photos I'm sure (hopefully we can post some of those in another post soon since we didn't take a ton ourselves).

Flower girls!

Lots of dancing. the live band was so great. Lots of Motown and current hits. Everyone seemed to be on the dance floor. Above Eloise and Ari had a little dance.

Here is our night view from the 12th floor airbnb we stayed in downtown. The dome you see is the Public Museum's IMAX theater. The condo was an easy commute from all the events we had, but the only downside was the parking was initially confusing and a fire station down the street was fairly noisy.

Sunday we had a beautiful brunch at Ari's parents' house. Here is a photo of the three cousins, little Sofia is 3 months old. 

After a nice meal and some more time chatting with everyone we got back on the road. It was probably the most packed four days we've ever had, but it was a great weekend. The wedding couldn't have been better, we saw/chatted with a lot of people and we are thrilled for Ari and Adam. 

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