Thursday, August 06, 2015

Garden update

The garden is bursting once again this year. Here a few pictures from it.

Peppers, peppers, peppers. Steve and I switch beds this year and he is during mostly hot peppers for canning.
 I have been growing this Asian climbing spinach and I wouldn't do it again. Not a huge fan of the waxy spinach leaves. Also growing green beans up this trellis. I also brussel sprouts, basil, numerous herbs, broccoli (which is done), snap peas, beets, onions and kale.

 These beets just look awful, but they appear to be growing so who knows.
 We have loved eating the sugar snap peas right off the vine.

 The lace worms have really had a field day yet again this year with my kale. I have tried to be vigilant, but appear to be losing the battle. It still tastes fine though and we have more than enough.

This is the newest addition to the backyard (thought of by Steve). It is a sunshade (purchased online) for the brutal midday sun in the summer. We used to have some shade from the tree next door, but that has been gone for two years and we have no one where hide from the sun back there. This does a good job of shading at least something so we can hang out and not fry up.  It is hung from three bolts that are screwed into the house, garage and a part of the pergola. We take it down each night or if it a weekend and no rain or wind is predicted we just leave it up.

buzz. Honey bee and a bumble bee living in harmony.

We are having an amazing year with both of our apple trees. Only problem is the squirrels. As you can see, we have set up a trap below, but no success. Hoping to get at least 50 apples, I can just taste them now....

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