Sunday, July 26, 2015

Midsummer hive report

Things have been going well in the hives. Earlier in the summer we had a major problem with one of them not thriving, but Chris our mentor came over and helped us fix it. She rearranged some of the frames and things have seemed to even out. The west hive is still outperforming the east hive, but maybe that is because it gets more direct sun throughout the day, who knows. Both queens are still laying (see the little eggs in the picture above) and we have the supers on the west hive. We don't really think we will get much honey this year since a lot of the nectar is on the decline at this point in the growing season, but who knows. For sure no honey from the east hive. Looks like both hives will have enough food (honey and nectar) for the hives to survive over the winter and that is basically all we care about at this point. Photos taken mostly by Bryce.
 Capped brood.
 Traffic jam into the hive.
 Inspecting the hives.

 Stealing a frame and enjoying the honey.
 Looking for eggs.
 Marking the queen.
Success! Now it will be much easier to spot her. We were only able to mark the queen in the west hive since we didn't find the other one the day of marking.

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