Sunday, July 05, 2015

Day 3: The day that nearly killed us

It's hard to put into words how exhausting this last day of the trip was... but I'll try. It was super humid, sunny, 90+ degrees, we walked over 10 miles while each taking turns pushing the double stroller that had over 55 lbs of kids in it and we were in Manhattan. I think the picture is pretty complete now. It should be noted that the girls were quite good under the circumstances, they just got a little cranky once and a while.

 Harriet loved taking the subway and holding on to the poles instead of sitting.

We started off at the High Line, a place we have been many times. Above was a cool lego building thing they had for everyone to participate in. The High Line is in it's last phase of construction and so it was longer this time, but there is much work to be done. Problem is now if you go to the very end it shoots you out in the middle of nowhere. 

Here's an art installation that looked like pop cans all stacked up. 

So we kept walking and moving and went to Bryant Park. Everyone was out for lunch and it was bustling. We rested here for a bit by taking our second carousel ride in two days. This time Eloise wasn't sleeping so she gave it a go. She appeared to take it just as seriously as Harriet had the day before.
Steve really wanted to go to Carnegie Deli for lunch to check it off his bucket list so the rest of us grabbed lunch and we kept walking north. Only to find out that the deli is closed for renovations. 

Here's a full shot of that beast of a stroller with Adam and me trudging along. I borrowed it from a friend for this trip and it was an absolute necessity. We clearly couldn't have covered the ground we did with just a single stroller because Harriet wouldn't have made it. The trade off though is a sit 'n stand stroller that is cumbersome and not easy to take up and down the subway stairs. Most of the time it was easier to just keep walking. Adam was really a trooper to help us out with this and push it and haul it up and down the stairs when necessary. How do new yorkers with two kids and no car get around you ask? My observations were that they kept the smaller kid in a light stroller and the older kid was always on a scooter. Genius. Ok, enough about strollers, back to the trip...
Next stop, the Plaza Hotel. When we started out the day we hadn't planned on stopping here, but we just kind of happened here as we kept walking. Most everyone is familiar with the Eloise books and lots of tourists were here (like us) taking pictures.
We were all hot and tired and Eloise needed a nap so we took her to Ari's parents' place on the Upper East Side. Steve stayed with her while she slept while Adam and I took Harriet to an Egyptian-themed splash pad in Central Park right next door to the Met. We were there for hours and she loved playing and just cooling off. Pretty sure this was the highlight of her trip.

After work was done we met up with Ari in Central Park. She looks so fresh faced compared to the rest of us who look hot, sweaty and somewhat defeated from the heat.

It's fun to look at the comparison picture of Harriet two years ago when we were at this same spot.  She looks a lot more grown up and plus, now Eloise. Before we headed back to Brooklyn we ate at this cute diner called Neil's Coffee Shop on Lexington, just what we needed to sustain us for our ride back.

So in summary, we had a great trip and loved seeing our friends and family and we would do it all again. We had lots of wonderful experiences and saw a lot, but it was just a lot logistically to deal with everything that goes along with bringing two little kids on vacation. Naps, finding a rental car big enough to hold our stroller, a carsickness incident, hauling all this stuff around with us and a lost baby carrier at the airport that I had to sprint back for at security before the plane was almost done boarding to go home (to name a few things). You get the idea here – it is tiring just being a parent in our own environment and vacationing just brings it to the next insane level.

It was nice to be back in our beds after seven nights of all sleeping in the same room together. At the beginning of the trip it was a bit rocky all being together, but by the end we were just fine and probably too exhausted to notice one another and slept well even in tight quarters. It's always nice to be home.

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The plural Eloises picture at the Plaza might be my favorite picture in the world