Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Day 2: Brooklyn Parks

The first part of our day we spent at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. It is (once again) a very kid-friendly area with tons to do. Phased construction began on this expansive park in 2008 and it looked like it was near completion with some new condos still being worked on. The park is made up of six piers that have been converted into different areas of recreation. One has sand volleyball, another soccer, another basketball, weight lifting, rolling skating, racquetball... you get the idea.

Shooting some hoops while Jay Z's Empire state of mind blares on the loudspeakers. Below, not a bad view from the playing field! 
 Eloise found a buddy with the same sense of style.

As you walk along between the piers there are parks for kids, a swimming pool, art installations, splash pads, a carousel, beautifully-landscaped walkways, cafes and all with a view of Manhattan.
I loved the art all around as we walked. This water tower structure above and the house on the top photo were done by the same artist.

Mirror labyrinth is an art sculpture that was in the shape of a nautilus shell and was a real mind bender. You keep thinking you see someone, but then it was just their reflection. Pretty awesome, unless you are a person trying to keep track of your little kids in there.

Harriet took her carousel ride very seriously. I forgot to take a pic of the glass building it was housed it, but it is pretty cool looking.

A new location to fly her kite.
These benches seemed to be everywhere and the artist even made a scavenger hunt for people to find all 12 of them. They were done by the same artist who did the mirror labyrinth.

After a long, hot morning going through the park we had lunch at an amazing pizza place. Then walked through a lot of more Brooklyn, before kind of giving in to the heat and getting a Uber.

At the end of the day we were hot and so we went to a splash pad in Prospect Park. It seemed more like a giant concrete slab with a couple arches of water on the edge, but it was both enjoyable and refreshing. Harriet, more so than Eloise, was just thrilled about it. 
Dusk at the pad. Ari wandering in the middle.

After this thing shut down, we headed over to Celebrate Brooklyn, one of a series of free concerts throughout the summer. We listened to a little reggae and then headed home. Once again, exhausted.

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