Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Street art of Arizona

One of the days while Eloise was napping Harriet and I went into downtown Phoenix to a kind of food truck lunch thing a park. We happened upon a bunch of cool art.

A cool, albeit weird, sculpture in downtown.

This was by the ASU campus.

Outside at the contemporary art museum.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sunny getaway

Last month we took a break from the cold and went to visit our friends Matt and Amber in Arizona like we did last year. Our daycare provider was taking a vacation so we decided to take one too and it just so happened to be during one of the coldest weeks in February. This year was easier in some ways and harder in others with two kids. Eloise wasn't the best on the plane, but was generally easier to travel with now that she isn't a baby. Harriet was a pretty good traveler.

The first full day we went to visit my mom's friend Linda again and swam in her pool. A lot of fun!

Linda and Eloise snuggling.

The next day we went to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. This part of the museum was very cool. The girls enjoyed running around in it. It reminded me of a very modern Pantheon with the circular opening. 

Steve had done a bit of research and saw that there was a Peach Blossom Celebration outside of Phoenix at a place called the Schnepf family farm. We went on a hayride given by the owner of the farm and it was very informative.
Peach blossoms! They grow a lot of other things besides peaches though -- all kinds of fruits and veggies.

Harriet's favorite part of the day was the short train ride we went on together around the farm. She wasn't too into the petting zoo, but loved the many playgrounds.

After the farm, Amber and I hustled over to Taliesin West for a tour and made it with only one minute to spare. Taliesin West is still a school with about 21 or so students who are working around as you are touring. The spend half the time here and the other half in Wisconsin. This place on the outside isn't aesthetically super pleasing. Kind of just a bunch of found rocks crudely cemented together everywhere. It was still a very interesting tour though and the tour guide was great.

Geometric concrete beams in the movie viewing room.

That little square is the the logo for the place now. Something interesting that we learned is that about 80 of all the Frank Lloyd Wright houses are run by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, which is for profit. 

Back at home at Matt and Ambers's house, Eloise was fascinated with the dog door.

Our last day Steve, Amber, Harriet and I went to the Phoenix Botanical Gardens while Eloise napped at home and Matt stayed back to take care of her. The botanical gardens were great --- a LOT of cactus!

The place had a lot of artful shade structures.

Living sun dial!

Twig house!
Chihuly sculptures.
Pretending to be cactus.

So in conclusion we had a wonderful trip and probably could not have packed more in. We loved all the time we were able to spend with Matt and Amber. Not sure if we will be back next year since Harriet will be in school so we were glad we were able to go now.