Thursday, January 22, 2015

A neighborly wedding

Weekend before last we attended the wedding of our neighbor friends, Megan and Tyler, at Aria downtown. We had a great time and knew some other neighbors, but also talked to a lot of new people who were interesting and from far-flung places. Megan and Tyler moved into the neighborhood about a year ago and, despite our 10+ year age difference, we have a lot in common with them, namely – gardening, urban farming, craft beer drinking, the list goes on. They were the ones that we gave our hops to back in the fall and also make their own wine. We have really enjoyed getting to know them, plus it is easy to hang out since they live so close and they can come over to our house since we are stuck at home most nights.

We had never been to Aria since it changed over from the now defunct Jeune Lune Theatre and it was a beautiful location for a wedding, very rustic, but also modern.  In conclusion, a fun night had by all and we felt honored to be invited.

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