Monday, December 08, 2014

Fall garden update

A little late here with this since it feels like it has been winter forever, but here goes! We had a great year in the garden this year. The neighbor's tree to the north of us was taken down in the spring and it shaded our veggie beds previously. I missed the shade of that tree every day of summer and fall, but there isn't much that could have been done since it was rotting. Good news from that though is that the veggie beds did extremely well. Steve had a bumper crop of peppers and my kale, basil and brussel sprouts grew insanely big. Also the herbs were usable until the first snow fall. It was wonderful.  Despite the cool summer, we had a pretty good year with about 8 tomato plants on the side of the house, I forgot to take a picture.

Harriet made this little scarecrow named Polka Dottie in the fall and put her in the garden.

Pretty awesome haul on these delicious brussel sprouts! We also had our CSA again this year and enjoyed all the fresh veggies and fruits from that all summer and fall.

This kale was just awesome. I liked the texture of it so much more than the curly kale. It too lasted until the first big snowfall. 
A really good year for the hops. We gave it all to our neighbors who brewed it up.

Steve canned a ton of peppers. We made an insane amount of pickles in many varieties with cucumbers from the farmers' market. 

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LAURA HOLT said...

Everything looks great! Arik is jealous of all those hops! Hopefully your neighbor shared some of the hoppy beer with you.