Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Thanksgiving trip

Although we decided we wouldn't subject Eloise (and ourselves) to much travel while she was small, we devised a plan to get back to the Milwaukee area to see my side of the family for Thanksgiving.

Harriet and I left a couple days early so we could break up the drive. We spent the first evening with our friends the Smith Family in La Crosse. Harriet loves their daughter Kya! We went out to a Mongolian bbq for dinner. And for dessert the kids made smores at the table. Pretty great time catching up!

The next day we spent the night and Thanksgiving morning with The Sauer Family near Milwaukee. They have two girls a bit younger than Harriet and they appeared to enjoy each other's company. It was wonderful to catch up with friends once Harriet went to bed through this trip, rather than sitting in dark hotel room.

Thanksgiving dinner was at my mom's cousin's house. They were very generous hosts to invite all of us. Harriet got to play with both my brothers and mom while I picked up Christina and Eloise at the airport (after their 50 minute flight). Lots of new faces and an opportunity for some hannukah present exchanges.

On Friday we had brunch at the Comet Café downtown with my dad. Then we meet Ari's family while Eloise napped and then meet some other friends before driving back. We made it just before midnight. Harriet literally watched cartoons the entire ride, while Eloise slept most of the time. Although a brief trip, it was nice to see everyone and the girls were very cooperative.

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