Thursday, November 06, 2014

Star Tribune reunion

Last weekend the Star Tribune hosted a get together for former employees as kind of a farewell to the building since it will be torn down next summer for the new Vikings stadium park. I had high hopes for the gathering, but it basically fell short because the event was kind of poorly planned. Basically very little time for socializing and most of the time was devoted to a bunch of speeches. No thanks. Here is a story about the reunion.
 It was fun to catch up with a few of my favorite old co-workers, although most of whom I am still in touch with. We reconnected with one of our favorite managers, Ken (second from the right) though. It was great to see him.

 It was fun to be in the building one last time and to commemorate it, we went down in the creepy basement and weighed ourselves as a group one last time on the giant scale down there leftover from long ago. It can hold up to 1000lbs.

I made Anton pose for this one last time.

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