Monday, November 03, 2014

Halloween festivities

We've had a lot going on for Halloween lately. I just happened to find that frog costume on Friday night, although she didn't go out trick and treating in it.
On Thursday night we continued our tradition of carving pumpkins with Becky and Raymond. 

The week before we went to the community ed Halloween party at Southwest high school. I always had a great time as a kid and Harriet loved it too. We went with her friend Lucia and baby sister Soli. It was really hot in that gym! So many people!

Last weekend Harriet and I went to Calhoun Square for their Hallow's Eve event. There was a photographer who took pics of all the kids who were dressed up. Here she is flapping her butterfly wings. After this we went and rode the Transylvania Trolley at Lake Harriet, but I forgot to take pics! We have had a very busy week!

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