Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wood Lake Nature Center

Last weekend we went to Wood Lake Nature Center in Richfield. I vaguely remember going here as a kid. It was great how close this was to our house and the hike was a little bit shorter than the weekend before so Harriet got less tired. They also have a fun nature center where kids can touch a lot of things and learn.

We went at sunset and it was just beautiful on the floating dock with cattails on both sides. Probably the last weekend with warm temps for a long time.

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Jennifer said...

We go there all the time! It's so great for the littlest kids, a great way to introduce them to hiking without exhausting them.

The Richardson Nature Center near the airport is fantastic too. We've seen a Great Horned Owl there several times, among other wildlife. And there are nice short loops for short legs. :)