Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Balaclava hats

Eloise is constantly pulling off her hats and with the cold weather approaching I thought this hat would be perfect since it goes under her chin. I just love everything about that hat-- the color, the weird point at the top, the interesting line pattern on the sides and how they match up.The pattern is called Lyalya hoodie and it's here.
Here is more of a close up of the pattern on the sides. 

Whenever possible Harriet wants to wear a matching outfit with her sister and so it was only a matter of time before she requested a hat. I weighed the remaining yarn and determined that I probably had just enough to make a second, larger-sized hat.  Heartbreakingly, I was one row from the end when I ran out of yarn so I found a different skein that complimented the blue and it all looks just fine. (Note that they are both mashed into a single stroller above-- Harriet loves every moment of it, but Eloise isn't so sure).

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laehmc said...

1172i downloaded phot of the girls and it is my photo wallpaper on my iphone and computer....