Friday, October 31, 2014

Bjork in a swan dress costume

I have always loved Bjork's wacky swan dress from 2001. I made Eloise this little costume kind of like it and it was fairly easy. It consists of a pink long-sleeved shirt, some leftover tulle I had (from our wedding chuppah), and then I quick sewed the swan head and stuffed it with some filling. I hand sewed the swan head to the shirt and then did the same with the tulle kind of bunching it as I went. I did the same on the bottom to turn the shirt into more of a dress with tulle sewn all the way around. It total it probably took me an hour.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wood Lake Nature Center

Last weekend we went to Wood Lake Nature Center in Richfield. I vaguely remember going here as a kid. It was great how close this was to our house and the hike was a little bit shorter than the weekend before so Harriet got less tired. They also have a fun nature center where kids can touch a lot of things and learn.

We went at sunset and it was just beautiful on the floating dock with cattails on both sides. Probably the last weekend with warm temps for a long time.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Spectacular fall colors

This fall has been one of the most vibrant in recent memory. The excessively wet spring has given way to the brightest leaves. I have been loving all the colors on my 15-minute walks at lunch during the week.
The view out our front window last Friday as I worked from home. So wonderful and vibrant. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Westwood Hills Nature Center

 Last weekend it was perfect fall weather so we decided to go some place new and head over to the Westwood Hills Nature Center and Reserve. It is on a lake and had some nice trails as well and some fun things for kids like this weird egg thing below, a stick tepee, some man-made climbing rocks and a playground. We were about a week late on the leaves around here, but it was so lovely nevertheless. I would love to go back there in the spring.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Balaclava hats

Eloise is constantly pulling off her hats and with the cold weather approaching I thought this hat would be perfect since it goes under her chin. I just love everything about that hat-- the color, the weird point at the top, the interesting line pattern on the sides and how they match up.The pattern is called Lyalya hoodie and it's here.
Here is more of a close up of the pattern on the sides. 

Whenever possible Harriet wants to wear a matching outfit with her sister and so it was only a matter of time before she requested a hat. I weighed the remaining yarn and determined that I probably had just enough to make a second, larger-sized hat.  Heartbreakingly, I was one row from the end when I ran out of yarn so I found a different skein that complimented the blue and it all looks just fine. (Note that they are both mashed into a single stroller above-- Harriet loves every moment of it, but Eloise isn't so sure).

Friday, October 10, 2014

Skyrock Farm

Recently we went to a wedding reception for Steve's friend Laddie in Hamel, MN. Sounds far away, but it isn't that far. We had no idea what to expect, but the invite had a big top on it so we assumed we would be in a tent, boy were we wrong. Steve describes the main building where the reception was as a pole shed and every square inch was filled with circus-themed stuff. Above is a German organ thing where the figures moved and danced when it was on. The place probably had 6-8 of these all around and when they were going they were very loud.

Oh also it should be noted that we forgot to take a picture of Laddie and her husband, but it seemed noteworthy anyways to do a post about this crazy place.
 We hadn't been there long when 3 little girls came up to us and asked if we wanted to ride on the indoor carousel. Yes, please. Many of the animals you could ride on were bizarre and kind of folk arty.

This was a corner in the room with the carousel, which just had mini carousels and horses.

Another organ thing.

Any idea of what was going on just on one wall of this place.

Next we are asked if we wanted to ride the train. We go outside and the engineer tells me and another dad that we can also hop on too. The mini train went all around the property which was interesting (note you can kind of see the mini roller coaster in the background here-- it was too wet to go on since it had just been down pouring).

We had a wonderful time at this weird/awesome place. I guess it is available for rental and is open to the public on certain weekends, but it is a little out of the way for us to go again anytime soon.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Street art

I like documenting murals because they are so ephemeral. This mosaic mural above I love seeing everyday on the way to and from daycare. Today I noticed part of it had been destroyed (either accidentally or intentionally) because the building is being worked on. Makes me sad.

29th and Harriet

Mosaic mural at 24th and Lyndale 

38th and Chicago

 This one will likely be taken down soon because it is possibly slated to be converted into a single family dwelling. I am very intrigued.
 Hot Tea at StevenBe on Chicago and 35th
 22nd and Lyndale


Monday, October 06, 2014


This year Harriet is going to preschool at Temple Israel. She has been loving it so far and it is shaping up to be a great year! This isn't quite a few day pic, but it is close. Many parents traditionally take first/last day of school pictures in front of this mosaic sculpture at the front door so we will do the same.