Sunday, July 20, 2014

Midsummer garden

Last Thursday we were on our neighborhood's garden tour. The garden is in its prime right now and everything looks so lush from all the rain we have had up until now. I love this time of year. No filter on the coneflower above, so brightly colored!

The veggies have taken off!  Everything is doing great for the most part, except Steve's pepper plants are looking a little tough since it has been so wet and the temps have been unseasonably low. 

 Honey bee at the borage plant. There are tons of bees on this plant all throughout the day.

We have had some bug issues this year, particularly on our brussel sprouts and kale.  

This is a cabbage looper (highlighted in red). Chris the beekeeper showed me what their eggs look like (a tiny white grain on sand on the underside of the leaf) and I have made it a daily ritual to go out smash their eggs. It is a neverending task, but kind of fun. One benefit to the holes in the leaves is that it stresses out the plant and makes the plant more nutrient dense.

These milkweed beetles have been destroying the plant's leaves.

 Same with these little beetles.

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