Tuesday, July 08, 2014


The night I got back from the Dells happened to be the last night that my former host 'mum' was in town before going back to Scotland. I was exhausted and tired of sitting from the drive back, but I knew I needed to make the effort and drive to Inver Grove Heights, where she was staying, to visit her. I knew that a night visiting with her would be much more memorable than the extra hours of sleep I would have gotten! She was so thrilled to see me that it made it all worth it! She is an incredible woman who gives so much of herself to others and even on a very limited income goes on voyages with supplies to Belarus for orphans and helps the kids.

In Scotland I would go over to her house on the Sundays and hang out with her and sometimes her grandkids and have dinner. She has been hosting kids from the WI in Scotland program for around 20 years and has an incredible memory for each and every kids she has hosted. She comes to MN and WI every 4 years or so and stays with tons of them over a 6 week stay. A couple of visits ago she stayed with me at my dad's house. This time around she brought her 14 year old grandson (who was just 3 months old when I was in Scotland). He had a wonderful first trip to the states.

14 years ago.

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