Sunday, July 06, 2014

Lake Harriet happenings

There is a little elf at Lake Harriet and Harriet left a note for him and he wrote back. The elf has been writing notes for 20 years. There was recently a Star Tribune article about him. Here is his note:

dear harriet, age four (who has written me twice)

how nice of you to write. sorry i missed you. and for pete's sake i am so sorry i didn't get your other letter. it has been so rainy that a lot of them get ruined.

i hope your summer is going well. i hear the president is coming to lake harriet . I've been busy cleaning up our cabin in case he comes a knocking. there are twelve levels in our cabin. well, thirteen if you count the patio out on the limb. each one is decorated in a slightly different style. now if he does show up, do i have to do anything special? if he were the elf leader i would have to give him blue ice cream. 

my name is thom and live with my wife, martha, a great elf and our daughter alta lucia, age 20, who is visiting from elf college, she is a princess elf. enjoy the summer, i believe in you. -mr. little guy (june 25, 2014)

Every Sunday night in late June and all of July we go to the Pops concert at the lake. They have a kiddie march during the middle and choose a different drummer each week. Harriet got to be the drummer and lead the march to kick off the 65th season of the Pops Orchestra. Despite the glum face in this picture, she was thrilled!

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