Sunday, June 22, 2014

Camping for real

Back in the spring my friend Aaron and I made reservations for an overnight campsite at Afton State Park. Despite lots of opinions to the contrary, we wanted to take our daughters on a real camping trip. Afton was less than an hour drive from our homes, yet also remote so we wouldn't have to worry about loud groups. So on the summer solstice we packed the car for one night in wilderness.
We hiked a bit less than a mile from the parking lot to our campsite #7. The girls did really well considering the terrain.

First thing we saw when we got to our spot was a deer sprinting into the forest. We set up camp, then got water at the solar-powered well (and made sure we knew exactly where the outhouse was).

 Turkey sighting on the hike back to camp!

The girls took turns carrying a bug net.

Dinner was hotdogs and potatoes over the open fire. 
And for dessert... smore's! Harriet would later list her favorite things about camping as 1) marshmallows 2) chocolate bars and 3) graham crackers.

Here is a cute portrait Aaron took as the sun was setting. The girls slept alright and the weather was just about perfect. The next morning we packed up a little earlier than we planned to avoid rain headed our way. All in all, picking the longest day of the year meant they missed out on star gazing, fireflies, and campfire stories, but we'll have plenty of more opportunities for that when we go camping in the future.

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