Thursday, May 08, 2014

Murals lately

Here are some of my favorite murals I have seen lately. This one is outside of Quang on Nicollet. I obviously love the pandas. The colors are great too. It's funny, now when we are driving anywhere and Harriet seems a mural she tells me that I need to stop and take a picture of it. Seems like she knows the drill by now with this.

This one is on Snelling in St. Paul done by the Broken Crow guys. I love this one sooo much!
 A close up of my favorite part, the hippo.

Off of Lake Street by the Midtown Global market.

 Intermedia Arts garage.

 Jungle Theater, done with direction from my friend Elissa.
 More intermedia arts.

 Fujiya Koi.

Random fence in Powderhorn.

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