Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Escaping the winter

We took advantage of some frequent flyer rewards and the hospitality of our friends Matt and Amber and flew down to Tempe, Arizona last week. 70 degrees vs. 10 degrees was reason enough to try traveling with both kids for the first time. The flights there and back went surprisingly well.

Eloise settled right in with Matt and Amber's dog Katie, who seemed to enjoy having visitors.

Our first full day there happened to coincide with the grand reopening of the children's museum, called the Idea museum. They had a robot exhibition as well as lots of events going on, which we took advantage of.  

Spin art was a bit hit and they also had cookie making, robot building and a bunch of other fun stuff at activity tables.

The biggest draw was Daniel Tiger. We had to wait in a bit of a line, but Harriet was so thrilled once we finally got up there. Eloise was unimpressed. 

Day 2 we had to hang out around the house since, unfortunately, Harriet was sick. It was nice to just hang out in the warm weather in the backyard.

Amber and Matt such wonderful hosts and were so good with the girls. 

We didn't do much driing around, but we did come across this dorm designed by Frank Lloyd Wright on the ASU campus that Matt used to live in. Interesting looking building, if a bit dated. 
Day 3 we went to go visit my mom's friend Linda in Mesa, a short drive away. She had a heated pool and the sun was out! She was thrilled to have us visit her since she mostly interacts with other retirees in her little community.
A young Esther Williams.

We had a good trip, even if it was too short. Nice to just get out of the cold and not have to bundle up every time we left the house as well as see good friends! We'll be back again... someday. 

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