Monday, February 17, 2014

DIY Bath Bombs!

A couple months ago we were given bath bombs as presents. They were a hit and so of course rather than running out to Lush to get more we researched how to make our own. We had lots of supplies from when we made soap, so it wasn't too hard to get prepared. Like lye for soap, the big ingredient here is citric acid. We got some at the beer/wine brewing supply store (they had 1lb bags at the store for $4.50).
Harriet volunteered to help weigh and mix the ingredients. We used this recipe and general instruction
We made four rose scented pink bath bombs and let them dry for a week in the basement. Then dropped one in at bath time. 
It worked! They smelled nice and tinted the water pink.
We used all four pretty fast so we made another batch. The second time around we added Kneipp Eucalyptus Herbal Bath in lieu of any essential oil or coloring. This time we used canola oil instead of olive oil because the olive oil gave the balls a weird tinge. We also decided to double the recipe and fill a couple empty chobani containers for the molding process. That should aid in the transportation of the bath bombs for gifts.
Harriet was very helpful and proud of her new apron.


LAURA HOLT said...

Looks fun! I've been thinking about making a batch of those. Do you think coconut oil would work?

christina said...

Yeah it said any type of light oil will work. I would give it a go!