Friday, December 06, 2013

The Thanksgivukkah spirit!

Hanukkah was super early this year. We had a few days off together as a family because thanksgiving landed during it for the first time in my life. Apples were still in season so we made our own batch of apple sauce to enjoy with latkes. 

Night one brought Packer garments galore from my mom.

It also was the pickup day for my new stereo console. A refurbished '59 Motorola. I'd been pining for one for almost a year. Ironically we're collectively most excited to play old christmas LPs.

On Thanksgiving we watched football, ate food with family, and lit candles. Thansgivukkah!

We surprised Harriet with a trip to the circus. Her friend Lauren and her parents joined us. We pretty much sat front and center. Tigers, camels, dogs, acrobats, latino dancers, clowns, motorbikes, and shriners!

Harriet was captivated.

Still captivated.

Asian balancing act, light up snow cones, oh... and elephants!

 Before Hanukkah was over our neighbors came over to light candles and make sufganiyot. I made the dough for these donuts from scratch the day before.

 We fried them.

 Then rolled them in sugar, filled them will jam, and enjoyed the entire batch.

By the last night Harriet had figured out all the hiding places for the presents, mastered lighting the candles and singing Oh Hanukkah.

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