Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Father Time & Baby New Year holiday card

Our annual holiday card was a production as usual. We decided to build on the baby new year idea from 2010Harriet’s inclusion led to the idea to dress her up as Father Time. In hindsight it might have been easier if we had done the shoot when they were sleeping.

Christina and I shot hundreds of photos while constantly adjusting the girls and their props. In total we got about a half dozen of potentially useable pics. The beard was by far the hardest element to deal with since it had to be constantly adjusted and Harriet was super annoyed by it tickling her nose.

Not every pose worked, but the number of hysterical outtakes is pretty great.

Some of our research turned up this old timey gem to use as inspiration. A co-worker had the hourglass and we made the scythe from a unused chandellier extension rod, cardboard from a cherrios box and some tin foil.

Another fun year is complete. May time ever bring you a glad New Year!

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laehmc said...

I loved seeing how you create.