Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pressed leaf wreath

The leaves just dropped this past week and I have been collecting tons on my walks with Eloise each day.
I love how the leaves cover the sidewalk down the whole block and transition colors as you walk.  

Inspired by the pictures at the top, I made my wreath into a gradient of sorts with mostly maple leaves. I just used the cardboard from a frozen pizza and cut out the middle and then after pressing the leaves for several days, I used craft tacky glue to affix them. The leaves are rather brittle so I don't think this would be something we could put up year after year, but it was easy enough to make I could just do another one next year.

Harriet was thrilled to make her wreath along side me and it was a pretty age appropriate craft for her. She loved using the glue.

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Oona said...

Seriously, what a fantastic idea. You are so creative.