Friday, October 11, 2013

Harvest Time

This year we had a pretty good year in the garden. We did the CSA again this year, but are enjoying eating the things we grew ourselves. Harriet really got into it and was very excited to watch things ripen, pick them and then eat them. We got a bunch of carrots that looked like a rat king or something because they were planted too close together. Whoops. They still tasted good though.

Hops was a huge success. This is the plant's 3rd year and it really took off. We harvested all of them about a month ago and then Steve dropped them off to Dangerous Man Brewery after they gave a call out for everyone's hops to make a big batch of Community Wet Hop ESB (not sure what that stands for). Steve went and had his free pint now that it is brewed and said it was quite good.

Tomatoes were kind of a mixed bag this year. The relatively cool summer wasn't great for them. As you can see the plants just kind of look horrible. We grew all heirlooms and the grape/cherry tomatoes did ok, but the regular sized ones were kind of a pathetic crop.

Our apple tree really came through this year. We had to pick them a bit early because the squirrels were eating 2-3 per day. We probably got around 40 or so honey crisps.

Golden beets!

This is just some of the peppers we got. We had serranos, jalapenos and bell peppers. Lots of salsa for us as well as jalapeno poppers and then we canned the rest. More on that another time.

Lots of eggs this summer now that all the new hens are laying.

And finally, the thing we are most excited about... our two pumpkins! The plant was a bit of a late bloomer, but we are crossing our fingers that it ripens for halloween.

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laehmc said...

I love the photo's and updates! yummy and beautiful!